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Process Guide: Seed-to-Sale
Process Guide: Seed-to-Sale
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This walk-through article tracks every step in the seed-to-sale process, from creating a new batch of plants to closing a Packaging Run to making SKUs available for purchase. Some tasks take place on the Seed-to-Sale web platform, while others take place on the Gun App, so you will need both a computer station and a scanner gun to complete this process.

This process guide is specific to packaged cannabis products. For information on selling plants and seeds, visit the Process Guide: Starting Materials.

Cultivation Stage–Growing & Harvesting Plants

  1. Create a new batch, either from wholesale plants, from a Seed Lot, or cuttings from a Mother plant (Choose one method).

  2. Advance the stage of all plants in the batch as they develop (Propagation > Vegetation > Flowering). This is possible through several methods, as plants in the same batch may mature at different rates:

  3. Before harvesting plants, create a Bulk Lot to contain the bulk fresh cannabis.

  4. Open the batch for harvest (Choose one method).

  5. Harvest fresh bulk cannabis into a Bulk Lot, and discard any waste.

  6. Close the harvest, to mark the harvest as 'finished'.

Production Stage–Processing Plants into Saleable Products

  1. Create a work order for each unique processing event the cannabis undergoes. Depending on the final product, cannabis may be processed through several unique work orders. For examples of how to use Work Orders to produce a variety of product types, visit the Work Order Workflows section.

  2. Once the cannabis is in its final form, retain a sample for QA purposes.

  3. Create a lab report and send a sample to an external laboratory for analysis.

  4. Once the external lab responds with the test results, update the lab report. Once the lab report is fully populated, release the lab report and set its status to Active.

  5. Release the Bulk Lot. This indicates that the Bulk Lot has passed the QA stage, and any cannabis from the lot is fit for consumption.

Product Stage–Creating, Packaging, & Marking Products for Sale

  1. Ensure the Products module has the proper product types configured.

  2. Create a new product, and add the product to any relevant sales channels.

  3. Create one or more stock-keeping units–also known as SKUs.

  4. Create a new Packaging Run. This is possible through multiple methods:

  5. Package the product into saleable units. If you opt to create a Mass Packaging Run in step 4, this step is irrelevant.

  6. Once the run is complete, close the Packaging Run. This prevents Packaging Associates from adding units to the run (Choose one method).

  7. Release the Packaging Run. This adds all units packaged in the run to the license holder's available inventory.

As clients purchase units, follow the Orders Process Guide to create and fulfill new orders. If the license holder accommodates wholesale purchases, visit the Wholesale Process Guide for insight into how the Seed-to-Sale process interacts with the wholesale workflow.

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