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Process Guide: Wholesale
Process Guide: Wholesale
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This article describes all necessary steps to create and fulfill Sales Orders in the Wholesale application. A Sales Order may contain cases of packaged EA units or Bulk Packs of unpackaged cannabis.

To begin this process with Packaged Items, the license holder will need a base product and SKU with EA units available for purchase. For information on these steps, visit the Seed-to-Sale Process Guide.

To begin this process with Bulk Items, the license holder will need a Bulk Lot.

Package Cases for Wholesale

This stage is only necessary to sell packaged products through the Wholesale application.

  1. Select a SKU that will be made available for wholesale purchases, and create a Case SKU.

  2. Package EA units in cases through a Casing Run.

  3. Label the cases. When stockpiling inventory for future purposes, mark each case with an Internal Case [4x6"] label to facilitate inventory management. Once cases are selected for a sales order, return to this tab to print province-specific labels.

Note: All Packaging Runs and Received Inventory records that contributed EA units to the Casing Run must be released before the cases can be shipped.

Configure Vendors & Establish Payment Terms

  1. Add vendors and configure vendor information, including the vendor's point-of-contact and shipping address.

  2. Ensure the vendor receives internal approval before proceeding.

  3. In collaboration with vendors, develop a menu of agreed-upon payment terms.

Create a Sales Order

  1. In response to a vendor's purchase order–a request for a wholesale order–create a Sales Order to accept the request and confirm the transaction. A Sales Order may contain Packaged or Unpackaged cannabis.

  2. Ensure the Sales Order receives internal approval before proceeding.

  3. Download a Sales Order invoice and send it to the vendor.

Create and Fulfill Shipments

  1. Create a shipment to fulfill part or all of the sales order. This process is slightly different if the Sales Order is Packaged or Unpackaged.

  2. If the shipment contains bulk cannabis, print a label for each Bulk Pack.

  3. Ensure the shipment receives internal approval before proceeding.

  4. Download a shipment invoice and send it to the vendor. The shipment invoice summarizes the goods packed and shipped to a vendor in a given shipment and serves as a financial snapshot for the license holder to request payment from the vendor.

    The shipment invoice doubles as a picking list for Fulfillment Associates to use when picking and packing a shipment, so download and print another copy to use internally.

  5. Pick and pack the shipment. Unlike the order fulfillment process for client orders, picking and packing shipments for sales orders does not require scanning confirmation through the Gun App.

  6. Once the line items in the shipment have been picked and packed, download a packing slip to include with the shipment, and mark the shipment as Picked and Packed.

  7. Once the shipment is shipped out, mark it as Shipped. This removes the cases in the shipment from the license holder's inventory.

  8. Once the vendor receives the shipment, mark it as Delivered.

If the sales order will be fulfilled through multiple partial shipments, repeat this process as necessary.

Finalize the Sales Order

  1. As the vendor receives shipments, mark the sales order as Partially Fulfilled. Once the sales order has been completely fulfilled, mark the sales order as Fulfilled.

For an overview of other workflows in the Seed-to-Sale software, visit the Process Guides for Destruction, Orders & Order Fulfillment, Product Recalls, Creating and Selling Starting Materials, and Receiving Inventory.

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