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Process Guide: Creating & Selling Starting Materials (Plants/Seeds)
Process Guide: Creating & Selling Starting Materials (Plants/Seeds)
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In addition to packaged cannabis products—dried cannabis, CBD oils, capsules etc.—a license holder may sell starting materials—plants and seeds—so clients can cultivate cannabis at home. Follow the processes listed here to create SKUs for plant and seed products, allow clients to order starting materials, and fulfill orders that include starting materials.

Creating Plant or Seed Products

  1. Create product types for Plants and Seeds, if they do not already exist.

  2. Create a new product using one of the new product types.

  3. Create SKUs.

  4. Create a sales channel for Plants & Seeds, if one does not already exist, and add the products to the sales channel.

Adding Plants or Seeds to an Order

Before a client can purchase starting materials, the client must be permitted to purchase and possess plants and seeds. To proceed, ensure the client meets the following conditions:

  1. Ensure the client has an active prescription that allows for the purchase and possession of plants or seeds.

  2. Ensure the Production for Own Purposes sub-tab on the client's active registration is complete.

  3. Add the client to the Plants & Seeds sales channel.

Fulfilling an Order with Starting Materials (Plants/Seeds)

Proceed normally with the order. Once the client's payment has been processed:

Visit the Seed-to-Sale Process Guide for information on creating and selling packaged cannabis products.

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