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How to Create a New Batch from Cuttings – Grow Module
How to Create a New Batch from Cuttings – Grow Module
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When propagating cannabis plants, Grow Technicians can preserve desirable traits by taking cuttings from a Mother plant to create a new batch of genetically identical plants.

When a Grow Technician creates a new batch from cuttings, whether through the Grow module or the Gun App, the Seed-to-Sale software generates a record of the cutting event and saves the report to the Cutting Reports sub-tab.

Required permission(s): batch_read, strain_read, batch_create

  1. In the Grow module, select the Propagation tab.

    [img propagation]

  2. Open the Cutting Reports sub-tab.

    [img cutting-reports]

  3. Click New to open a New Cutting Report page.

  4. Enter information about the cutting event in the fields provided.

    • Cutting Date: The date on which the Grow Technician(s) took cuttings from the Mother plant. This may not be the same day the report was created.

    • Report Date: The report's date of creation.

    • Batch: A name for the new batch. This field is optional.

    • Batch Type: The new batch's purpose.

    • Destination: The new batch's location.

  5. Select the Mother plants from which to take cuttings.

    1. Click Add Mothers. This opens the Select Mothers modal, which lists each cannabis strain saved to the licence holder's system, and the number of Mother plants of each strain.

    2. Select a cannabis strain to open a list of all Mother plants of that strain.

    3. Select a Mother plant by clicking the


      • Note: A Grow Technician can select multiple Mothers to contribute cuttings to the new batch. However, all Mothers must be of the same strain.

    4. Click OK to exit the Select Mother modal.

  6. Scroll down to the Mother Plants section and enter the number of cuttings taken from each Mother.


    Note: To remove a Mother plant, click the

    icon beside the Mother.

  7. Click Save to finalize the new batch and save a record of the cutting event to the Cutting Reports sub-tab.


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