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How to Advance the Stage of All Plants in a Location
How to Advance the Stage of All Plants in a Location
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As plants advance through the stages of development–Propagation to Vegetation to Flowering–Grow Technicians should update each plant's stage through the Gun App. Follow the steps below to advance the stage of all plants in a grow room at once.

Required permission(s): plant_update

Note: This process is only possible when all plants in the location are in the same stage. If the location contains plants in multiple stages, the Grow Technician must instead Advance Plants by Batch or Advance Plants Individually.

  1. Scan or click on a location to open the location's summary page.

  2. Click Advance Stage. This opens a confirmation page.

  3. Click Confirm to advance all plants in the location to the next stage.


Other options for advancing plants include Advancing an Individual Plant and Advancing Plants by Batch or Batch Subset.

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