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How to Create a Packaging Run
How to Create a Packaging Run
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After QA Technicians release a Bulk Lot for public consumption, Packaging Associates package the bulk cannabis into saleable EA units through a Packaging Run.

Required permission(s): product_read, packaging_run_create

Note: The Gun App has not yet been updated to accommodate discrete units or the new product classes introduced by the 2019 Cannabis Act update. At present, you can only use the gun to package Dried (non-discrete) and Extracts-Ingested (non-discrete) product types. To package into SKUs of other product types, Create a Mass Packaging Run.

  1. Log into the Gun App and open the Packaging Runs module.

  2. Click Create New Packaging Run. This opens a Create New Packaging Run page.

  3. Select a product. If the product has a barcode, scan the barcode to select it. If the packaging team prefers this method of selecting products, visit the Settings module to Print a List of Product Barcodes. Alternatively, tap the Product field and select a product from the list.

  4. Select the product's source Bulk Lot. If the Bulk Lot has a barcode, scan the barcode to select it. Alternatively, tap the Source Lot field and select a Bulk Lot from the list.

  5. Select a destination SKU. If the SKU has a barcode, scan the barcode to select it. Alternatively, tap the Destination SKU field and select a SKU from the list.

  6. Click Create to create the Packaging Run.

  7. Select a label printer. This prompt only appears if there is more than one bottle label printer in the system. Tap on a printer's name to select it.

After creating the open Packaging Run, a Packaging Associate can begin Packaging Cannabis into bottles. Once the cannabis has been packaged, the Packaging Associate should Close the Packaging Run.

A Packaging Associate can also Create a Mass Packaging Run in the Productions module.

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