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How to Close a Packaging Run – Gun App
How to Close a Packaging Run – Gun App
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Once a Packaging Associate completes a Packaging Run, the associate should close the run. Closing a Packaging Run marks the run as complete, and ensures that no further units are added to the run. Packaging Runs must be closed before the units can be Released for sale.

Required permission(s): packaging_run_update

  1. In the Packaging Runs module, select Continue Open Packaging Run.

  2. Select a Packaging Run.

  3. If the Packaging Associate needs to add more bottles to the Packaging Run before closing it, choose a label printer by scanning it or by selecting it from the list that appears. If this is unnecessary, click the

    at the top-right corner of the screen.

  4. Click Close Run to close the Packaging Run.

Visit the SKU's Inventory tab in the Products module to Release the Packaging Run or Pull a Bottling Record.

If there are internal packaging errors, or to return packaged cannabis to its source Bulk Lot, visit the Other module to Reclaim a Bottle.

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