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How to Move a Batch or Batch Subset
How to Move a Batch or Batch Subset
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As plants advance through the stages of development–Propagation to Vegetation to Flowering–Grow Technicians may move batches or batch subsets between locations to expose the plants to the ideal environmental conditions for their current stage. Follow the steps below to move a batch or batch subset.

Required permission(s): batch_read, batch_update

  1. Scan or click on a batch. This opens the batch's Overview tab.

  2. Click Move Plants.

  3. Select the stage(s) of plants to move by clicking the corresponding buttons. Once all desired stages are selected, click Next.

    • Note: This option only appears if the batch has plants in more than one stage.

  4. Indicate which grow room locations to draw from by clicking the checkmark beside each location. Click the All checkbox to select all locations. Once all desired locations are selected, click Next.

  5. Enter the number of plants to move in the field provided, or select all plants by clicking the All radio button. Once a quantity is selected, click Next.

  6. Select a destination location by scanning its barcode, or by tapping the empty field and selecting a location from the list. Once a destination location is selected, click Next to proceed to the confirmation page.

  7. Review the confirmation page. If everything is in order, click Confirm to move the batch or batch subset to the new location.


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