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Process Guide: Orders
Process Guide: Orders
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This article walks through all the steps involved in placing and fulfilling orders through the Seed-to-Sale software, including accepting returns and issuing refunds.

Placing an Order

  1. Ensure the Client's Profile includes a complete registration and an active prescription, and that the client belongs to at least one sales channel.

  2. Create a new order.

Fulfilling an Order

  1. To fulfill an order with bottled cannabis products, pick bottles from inventory, label the bottles with the client's prescription information, and package the bottles into a shipping vessel.

  2. To fulfill an order with plants, select a batch from which to pick the plants.

  3. To fulfill an order with seeds, select a Seed Lot from which to pick the seeds.

Shipping an Order

  1. Add the order to a Shipment Batch.


Once the shipping carrier delivers the order, the order's status should update to Delivered automatically. However, a Customer Service Representative–or CSR–can also manually Mark an Order as Delivered.

Returning & Refunding an Order

  1. If a client returns a bottled cannabis product, return the bottles to inventory.

  2. If the client paid for their order with a credit card, refund the order from the Order's Profile. If the client used another payment method, make arrangements to refund the payment offline.

  3. Return the appropriate number of grams to the client's prescription so they can submit a replacement order.

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