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How to Create a New Work Order
How to Create a New Work Order
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A Work Order is a processing event that affects the aggregate weight of cannabis in a Bulk Lot and converts the cannabis from one form to another. This includes such processing events as drying, trimming, curing, oil extraction, decarboxylation, encapsulation, and more. Follow the steps below to create a new Work Order.

Required permission(s): work_order_create

  1. In the Work Orders module, click New. This opens a New Work Order page.

    • Alternatively, open a Bulk Lot's Work Orders tab and click New in the Output to Work Orders section. This opens a New Work Order page with the Bulk Lot pre-selected as an input lot.

  2. Enter a name for the new Work Order in the field provided.

    • The licence holder should develop a naming convention for Work Orders that suits the needs of their facility and is easily traceable.

  3. Select a Work Order Type from the drop-down menu. The Work Order Type describes the specific processing event taking place.

  4. Open the Location drop-down menu, and select the location in which the processing event is taking place.

  5. Add inputs. A Work Order must use at least one Bulk Lot as an input.

    • To input cannabis from a Bulk Lot:

      1. Click Add Input Lot. This opens the Add Input modal.

      2. Select a Bulk Lot to use as an input, and click Proceed to Specify Input Amount.

        • Note: Use the Lot Type field to filter the list of Bulk Lots by type.


      3. Specify the amount of cannabis to input from the Bulk Lot. Check Use Entire Lot to select the entire Bulk Lot as a Work Order input. To input only a portion of the Bulk Lot, check Use Custom Amount, and enter the weight to input in the field provided.

        • Note: If the input Bulk Lot is of the Extracts, Topicals, or Edibles - Non-Solids type, a field will appear for you to enter a custom input volume. If the input Bulk Lot uses discrete units, a field will appear for you to enter the a custom amount of discrete units to input to the Work Order.

      4. Click Proceed to Review to advance to a review page.

      5. Review the details on the modal. If everything is in order, click Confirm & Add to confirm the Bulk Lot as an input for the Work Order.

      6. Repeat this process if the Work Order will use multiple input Bulk Lots.

    • Add untracked input, if applicable. Untracked input refers to weight and/or volume of non-cannabis material going into the Work Order. For example, if the processing team is creating an encapsulation Work Order, they may want to account for the weight and volume of glycerin and gelatin they'll use to create the capsules.

      1. Click Add Untracked Input. This opens the Add Untracked Input modal.

      2. Enter the input weight, input volume, and a brief description of the input's origin in the fields provided.

      3. Click Add to add the untracked input.

      4. Repeat this process for if the Work Order uses inputs from multiple untracked sources.

  6. Click Create Work Order. This opens a new Work Order Profile in the Open status.


As the cannabis is processed, Finalize the Work Order to enter the output weight. Once the Work Order is complete, select a destination Bulk Lot and Close the Work Order.

Visit the Work Order Workflows section to see examples of how Processing Technicians can use a series of Work Orders to produce a variety of product types.

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