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How to Package Cannabis through the Gun App
How to Package Cannabis through the Gun App
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When packaging cannabis, Packaging Associates must weigh the cannabis as it's packaged into units on a physical scale. Once a weight is displayed, the associate can enter the weight manually or scan the scale's barcode to read the value. Depending on the facility's rules and regulations, the associate may be required to record tare weights before clearing the scale and weighing the cannabis.

Required permission(s):

Note: The Gun App has not yet been updated to accommodate discrete units or the new product classes introduced by the 2019 Cannabis Act update. At present, you can only use the gun to package Dried (non-discrete) and Extracts-Ingested (non-discrete) product types. To package into SKUs of other product types, Create a Mass Packaging Run.

How to Package Without Recording Tare Weights

  1. In the Packaging Runs module, follow the procedure to Create a New Packaging Run, or select Continue an Open Packaging Run. This opens a Packaging Run page.

  2. Click Add Bottle. This opens a weighing page.

  3. Place the bottle on the scale.

  4. Press the scale's TARE button to set the scale to 0 grams. This ensures that the bottle's weight is not included in the measurement.

  5. Fill the bottle with cannabis. Try to match the appropriate weight for the SKU.

  6. Scan the scale's barcode, or manually input the weight into the Net Weight field.

  7. Click Print Label. This will print a unique ID label, and the Gun App will indicate that the new bottle has been added.

    • Note: The Seed-to-Sale software displays variance warnings when the weight entered does not fall within the accepted range. This packaging tolerance varies depending on the product's subclass and the weight/volume of a single EA unit. If a variance warning appears, add or remove cannabis from the bottle and try again.

  8. Stick the label to the bottle immediately.

  9. Repeat steps 2-8 for each bottle in the Packaging Run.

After adding enough bottles to satisfy the Packaging Run, the next step is to Close the Packaging Run. Once the cannabis has been packaged, visit the Products module to Pull a Bottling Record.

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