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How to Finalize a Work Order
How to Finalize a Work Order
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A Work Order is a processing event that affects the aggregate weight of cannabis in a Bulk Lot and converts the cannabis from one form to another. Once cannabis has been processed through a Work Order, finalize the Work Order to enter the Work Order's output values.

Required permission(s): destruction_lot_read, work_order_finalize

  1. In the Work Orders module, select an Open Work Order.

  2. Confirm that all inputs are accounted for in the Input section. If the inputs are accurate, click Finalize Output. This opens the Finalize Output Amount modal.

  3. Enter the output weight, in grams, in the field provided. If the output cannabis form is liquid, such as oil extract, enter the output volume, in millilitres, in the field provided. If the Work Order produces discrete units, such as pre-rolls, capsules, or cookies, enter the quantity of units produced in the field provided.

  4. If the Work Order produces any waste, add a destruction record.

    1. In the Destructions section, click New to reveal destruction fields.

    2. Enter information about the destruction in the fields provided.

  5. Click Finalize Output to finalize the outputs and waste destruction. The Work Order's status is now Finalized.


Once the Work Order is Finalized, select a destination Bulk Lot and mark the Work Order as complete by Closing the Work Order.

To revert the Work Order back to the Open stage, Reset the Work Order's Stage.

Visit the Work Order Workflows section to see examples of how Processing Technicians can use a series of Work Orders to produce a variety of product types.

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