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How to Create a New Batch from Seeds
How to Create a New Batch from Seeds
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To introduce a new cannabis strain to their facility, a licence holder might purchase seeds. Typically, Grow Technicians use plants grown from seeds for phenotype selection to develop Mother plants with desirable characteristics for cloning.

Required permission(s): seed_lot_read, strain_read, batch_create

  1. In the Grow module, open the Propagation tab.

  2. Open the Seed Lots sub-tab.

  3. Select a Seed Lot to open the Seed Lot's Profile.

  4. Click New in the Batches section. This opens the Create Batch from Seed Lot modal.

  5. Enter information about the new batch in the fields provided.

    • Batch ID: A unique name for the batch.

    • Location: The Grow Room/Location that will house the batch.

    • Seeds: The number of seeds used to create the new batch. This number cannot exceed the total number of seeds in the Seed Lot.

    • Planted Seed Weight: The total weight, in grams, of the planted seeds.

    • Batch Type: The new batch's type.

    • Create Mother Plants: Indicates whether or not the plants in the batch are to be Mother plants.

  6. Click OK to create the new batch.


Upon creating a new batch, a Grow Technician should immediately Label the Batch.

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