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How to Create a New Batch from Cuttings – Gun App
How to Create a New Batch from Cuttings – Gun App
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When propagating cannabis plants, Grow Technicians can preserve desirable traits by taking cuttings from a Mother plant to create a new batch of genetically identical plants.

When a Grow Technician creates a new batch from cuttings, whether it's through the Grow module or the Gun App, the Seed-to-Sale software generates a record of the cutting event and saves the report to the Cutting Reports sub-tab.

Required permission(s): batch_create

  1. In the Grow Room module, click New Batch.

  2. Select a batch type and click Continue.

  3. Indicate whether or not the new plants will be Mother plants. Click Continue.

  4. Enter a name for the batch in the field provided. Leave the field blank to accept a default numeric batch name. Click Continue.

  5. Select a location for the new batch, either by scanning a location barcode or by clicking Open Location List and manually selecting a location.

  6. Scan a Mother plant.

  7. Enter the number of cuttings to take from the Mother plant in the field provided.

  8. Click OK.

    • Note: If the new batch will take cuttings from multiple Mothers, repeat steps 6-8 for each Mother.

  9. Click Create Batch & Log Cuttings to finalize the new batch. This also saves a record of the cutting event to the Cutting Reports sub-tab in the Grow module.

Logging cuttings through the Gun App is one of four ways to create a new batch. Grow Technicians can also Create a New Batch from Cuttings, Create a Batch from a Seed Lot, or Create a Batch from Wholesale Plants in the Grow module.

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