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Batch Profile
Batch Profile
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The Batch Profile displays detailed information and actions for a specific batch. The Batch Profile splits into four tabs: Overview, Plants, Destruction, and Harvests. The Harvests tab only appears if the batch has been opened for harvest.

When a Grow Technician opens a Batch Profile, the Overview tab opens by default.

Overview Tab

[img batch-profile]

The Overview tab displays basic information about the batch, including the batch's ID, type, source, cannabis strain, age, plant count, current stage(s) of cultivation, pot type, plant locations, and the method by which the batch was created. A Grow Technician can edit a batch's ID and type at any time. If the batch was created from plants purchased wholesale, a Grow Technician can also Update the Batch's Source.

The Events section tracks all major events in the batch's life cycle, including creation, advancement through cultivation stages, movement, weight changes or destruction events, and harvesting. Click Report to generate a CSV report of the batch's History Events.

Plants Tab


The Plants tab tracks all living plants in the batch. The Living Plants index displays high-level information on each living plant, including:

  • Plant: The plant's ID number.

    • "Mother" will appear next to the plant's ID number if the plant is marked as a Mother.

  • Strain: The plant's cannabis strain.

  • Birthday: The plant's date of birth.

  • Age: The plant's age, in days and weeks.

  • Parent: The plant's parent. If the plant was created through cuttings, the parent link will lead to the Mother Plant's Profile. If the plant was created from seeds, the parent link will lead to the Seed Lot's Profile. If the plant was purchased wholesale, the parent column will be blank.

  • Location: The plant's location. Click the location link to visit the Location's Profile.

  • Stage: The plant's stage of cultivation.

  • Status: Each plant will have one of four statuses: Living, Harvested, Sold, and Destroyed.

By default, the plants index will display only Living plants, but you can sort the index by status as necessary.


Select a plant from the index to visit the Plant's Profile.

Destruction Tab

[img batch-destruction]

The Destruction tab tracks all waste destructions associated with the batch. Over the normal course of cannabis production, plants may shed leaves or require trimming, and this small amount of waste from all plants within a single batch is known as batch waste.

Click New to Destroy Batch Waste. If an error occurs, click Revert to Restore the Destroyed Material.

Destroying material on the Destruction tab does not affect plant ID numbers. To destroy plants from the batch, visit the Grow Room module on the Gun App to Destroy a Batch Subset, or visit the Plant Profile to Destroy Plants Individually.

Visit the Destructions Process Guide for a complete list of destruction methods.

Harvests Tab

If the batch has been opened for harvest, a red Harvest Open banner will appear on the batch's Overview tab. Clicking into the Harvest tab does not open a new tab on the Batch Profile. Instead, it brings the Grow Technician to the associated Harvest's Profile.

Batch Menu

[img batch-menu]

From any tab, access a menu of options for the batch by clicking the


icon. These options include:

Visit the Gun App to Split the Batch or Combine Two Batches.

A Grow Technician can create a new batch from Wholesale Plants, by Planting Seeds from a Seed Lot, or by Taking Cuttings from a Mother Plant. Cutting events can be recorded though the Seed-to-Sale web application or through the Scanner Gun.

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