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Seed Lot Profile
Seed Lot Profile
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The Seed Lot Profile displays detailed information and actions for a specific Seed Lot. Typically, Grow Technicians use Seed Lots to create batches of plants for phenotype selection. Plants grown from seeds are rarely meant for production.


The Lot Overview sidebar displays the Seed Lot's most essential information, including:

  • Strain: The Seed Lot's cannabis strain.

  • Type: The Seed Lot's cannabis strain family.

  • Current Weight: The aggregate weight of all seeds in the Seed Lot.

  • Seeds: The current number of seeds remaining in the Seed Lot.

  • Location: The Seed Lot's location.

  • Source: The Seed Lot's source–Produced, Received - Domestic, or Received - Imported.

  • Batches Created: The total number of batches created from the Seed Lot.

  • Total Plants Created: The total number of plants created from the Seed Lot.

  • Surviving Plants: Living plants created from the Seed Lot; plants that have not been destroyed.

The Batches section lists all batches created from the Seed Lot. Click New to Create a New Batch from the Seed Lot, or select a batch to visit the Batch's Profile.

The Events section tracks all major events in the Seed Lot's lifecycle, including the lot's creation, batch creations, and any time seeds are added, subtracted, or destroyed. Click Report to generate a CSV report of the Seed Lot's history events.

Seed Lot Menu


Click the


icon to access a menu of Seed Lot options. These options include:

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