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How to Destroy an Individual Plant – Gun App
How to Destroy an Individual Plant – Gun App
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Over the normal course of cannabis production, Grow Technicians may destroy plants for several reasons. During phenotype selection, Grow Technicians often destroy male plants or plants with undesirable characteristics. During production, a plant may get moldy or acquire parasites, and this may call for a complete destruction. Follow the steps below to destroy an individual plant.

Required permission(s): plant_read, batch_read, destruction_lot_read, plant_archive

Note: This process is best when plants are labelled individually. If the licence holder does not label plants individually, a Grow Technician should destroy the plant at the Batch Level.

  1. Open the plant's summary page by scanning its barcode or clicking a hyperlink.

  2. Click the

    icon to open a menu of options.

  3. Select Destruction to begin the destruction process.

  4. Select Destroy Entire Plant. This opens a menu of Destruction Lots.

  5. Select a Destruction Lot and click the

    icon. This opens a list of all sublots/child lots associated with the Destruction Lot.

  6. Select a sublot/child lot and click the

    icon to proceed.

  7. Enter the plant's weight, the reason for the destruction, and the substance to be destroyed in the fields provided.

  8. Click Continue to proceed to the destruction confirmation page.

  9. Read through the confirmation page. If everything is in order, click Destroy to destroy the plant.

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