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How to Mark a Batch for Wholesale
How to Mark a Batch for Wholesale
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In addition to selling cannabis products to clients, a licence holder may sell entire batches of living plants to other cannabis facilities through wholesale purchases. If another facility purchases a batch, a Grow Technician should mark the batch for wholesale to archive the batch and indicate that the batch is no longer available for conventional production purposes.

Plants removed from the inventory for wholesale transactions are tracked through the Marked for Wholesale report in the Grow reports section.

Required permission(s): batch_read, batch_update

  1. In the Grow module, open the Batches tab.

    [img batches]

  2. Select a batch to open the Batch's Profile.

    [img batch-profile]

  3. Click the


    icon to open a menu of options.

    [img batch-menu]

  4. Select Mark for Wholesale. This opens a confirmation modal.

  5. Click OK to mark the batch for wholesale. This also archives the batch.


For information on selling plants and seeds to clients, visit the Process Guide for Creating and Selling Starting Materials.

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