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Harvest Profile
Harvest Profile
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The Harvest Profile displays detailed information and actions for a specific harvest. The Harvest Profile splits into four tabs: Overview, Plants Harvested, Weight Events, and Destruction.

When a Grow Technician opens a Harvest Profile, the Overview tab opens by default.

Overview Tab


The Overview tab summarizes essential details of the harvest, including the destination Bulk Lot, the date the harvest was opened, and the user who opened the harvest. If the harvest is Closed, the Overview tab will list the date the harvest was closed, and the user who closed the harvest.

The Plants Harvested status bar compares the number of harvested plants against the total number of plants in the batch. The status bar fills with green as plants are harvested.

The Weight Breakdown status bar displays and organizes the total plant weight harvested in the harvest event. The harvested fresh weight, which is the usable fresh bulk cannabis transferred to the destination Bulk Lot, appears in green. Destroyed material, the unusable plant waste, appears in gold. Unaccounted weight appears in white. Ideally, the harvest should have no unaccounted weight.

As Grow Technicians harvest plants, they may document the aggregate weight of all harvested material rather than the weight for each individual plant. The Average Yield section displays the calculated average pre-trimming weight, fresh Bulk Lot output, and destroyed weight per plant based on the total reported figures.


A harvest will have one of two statuses: Open or Closed. If the harvest is Open, it means the harvest event is still in progress and the total harvested weight can still be edited. If the harvest is Closed, it means the harvest has been finalized, with no further edits permitted to weight or plants harvested.

If the harvest is Open, click Close to Close the Harvest. If the harvest is Closed, the Close button is replaced by a Reopen button. Click Reopen to reopen the harvest.

Click Report to generate a harvest report in PDF format. The harvest report includes the number of plants harvested, the destination Bulk Lot, and the current total weight of all harvested or destroyed plants.

Plants Harvested Tab


The Plants Harvested tab tracks all harvested plants in the batch. The index displays high-level information on each harvested plant, including:

  • ID: The plant's unique ID number.

  • Parent: The plant's parent. If the plant was created through cuttings, the parent link will lead to the Mother Plant's Profile. If the plant was created from seeds, the parent link will lead to the Seed Lot's Profile. If the plant was purchased wholesale, the parent column will be blank.

  • Location: The plant's pre-harvest location.

  • Plant Weight: The weight harvested from the plant, in grams.

  • Date Harvested: The date on which the plant was harvested.

Weight Events Tab


The Weight Events tab tracks all events that affect the total weight of the harvest. Weight events are associated with the destination Bulk Lot, which allows for accurate record keeping. The Weight Events tab displays high-level information on each weight event, including:

  • Running Total: The harvest weight's running total.

  • Weight: The weight added or subtracted.

  • Description: A brief description of the weight event.

  • Inventory Weight: Indicates whether or not the weight event affects inventory weight.

  • Date: The date on which the weight event took place.

  • Created By: The user who performed the weight event.

As part of a harvest, Grow Technicians output fresh cannabis weight to a Bulk Lot for processing. If the output is recorded incorrectly, Return the Bulk Lot Output Weight to the harvest from the menu.


Destruction Tab


The Destruction tab tracks all waste destructions associated with the harvest. As plants are harvested, Grow Technicians separate the usable parts of the cannabis plant from unusable plant waste, and this waste must be destroyed.

Harvest destructions, along with most harvest activities, take place during the Harvest Process on the Gun App. However, Grow Technicians can Revert Harvest Destructions from the Destruction tab if waste is destroyed in error.

Visit the Gun App to Open a Harvest and Harvest Plants. Grow Technicans can also Open Harvests through the Seed-to-Sale web platform.

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