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Location Profile
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The Location Profile displays detailed information and actions for a specific location. The Location Profile splits into two tabs: Overview and Destruction.

When a Grow Technician opens a Location Profile, the Overview tab opens by default.

Overview Tab


The Overview tab summarizes the contents of the location, including the total plant count and the number of plants in each stage of cultivation. The Batches section lists the batches or batch subsets–also known as Grows–housed in the location. Select a Grow to visit the Grow's Profile. The Child Locations section lists all Child Locations associated with the location. Select a Child Location to visit the Child's Location Profile.

Some licence holders purchase live plants from other producers to introduce new cannabis strains and genetic information to their facility. After acquiring a batch purchased wholesale, a Grow Technician can save the batch directly to a Location Profile. To Create a New Wholesale Batch in the location, click New (Wholesale) in the Batches section.

To Create a New Child Location, click New in the Child Locations section.

Destruction Tab


The Destruction tab tracks all Grow Room waste destructions associated with the location. Over the course of cannabis production, plants may shed leaves or require trimming, and this small amount of waste from all plants within a single location is known as Grow Room waste.

Click New to Destroy Grow Room Waste. If an error occurs, click the

icon to Revert the Grow Room Waste Destruction. Grow Technicians can also Destroy Grow Room Waste using the Gun App.

Destroying material on the Destruction tab does not affect plant ID numbers. To destroy plants from the batch, visit the Grow Room module on the Gun App to Destroy a Batch Subset, or visit the Plant Profile to Destroy Plants Individually.

Location Menu


From either tab, access a menu of options for the location by clicking the


icon. These options include:

Visit the Gun App to Move Plants or Batch Subsets between locations.

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