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How to Destroy Batch Waste
How to Destroy Batch Waste
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Over the course of cannabis production, plants may shed leaves or require trimming, and this small amount of waste across all plants in a batch known as batch waste. Follow the steps below to record and destroy batch waste.

Required permission(s): batch_read, batch_update, destruction_lot_update

Note: Grow Technicians can also perform this process through the Gun App.

  1. In the Grow module, open the Batches tab.

    [img batches]

  2. Select a batch to open the Batch's Profile.

    [img batch-profile]

  3. Open the Destruction tab.

    [img batch-destruction]

  4. Click New. This opens a Record Plant Waste modal.

  5. Enter information about the destruction in the fields provided.

  6. Click Record Waste to destroy the batch waste.


Through the Grow module, a Grow Technician can also Destroy an Individual Plant, Destroy a Batch Subset, Destroy Grow Room Waste, or Destroy Seeds.

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