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Bulk Lot Profile
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Through the Bulk Lot Profile, you can access detailed information and actions for a specific Bulk Lot. A Bulk Lot is the largest unit of harvested product, and is used to manage bulk cannabis inventory through processing and QA testing in preparation for packaging through Packaging Runs. Furthermore, when Adding Received Inventory, you must select a Bulk Lot to associate to the received bottles–or EA units.


A Bulk Lot Profile splits into 11 tabs: Overview, Harvests, QA, Lab Reports, Retained Samples, Forensics, Totes, Weight Events, Work Orders, Mass Packaging Run, and Destruction.

Opening the Bulk Lot Profile brings you to the Overview tab by default.



The Overview tab displays basic information about the Bulk Lot, including the Bulk Lot's type, cannabis form, migrated ID, the weight of any retained samples, and current total weight and volume. These units of measure are not used across all Bulk Lots. While all Bulk Lots use weight as a unit of measure, only Extracts, Topicals, and Edibles - Non-Solids Bulk Lots measure cannabis in volume. Similarly, some Bulk Lots are measured in discrete units. This applies to Bulk Lots of capsules, pre-rolls, cookies, or another form that is countable at the unit level.

From the Overview tab, you can perform several actions:

  • Change the Bulk Lot's ID in the field provided.

    • Note: You cannot update a Bulk Lot's type if the lot is associated with a Packaging Run or Received Inventory record, has a retained sample, or if the lot contains weight, volume, or discrete units. Fresh or Dried Bulk Lots are excused from this rule; lots of this type can be updated at any time. Visit the Guide to Bulk Lot Types for information on how to select an appropriate Bulk Lot type for the form of cannabis in the lot.

  • Move the Bulk Lot to a new location.

  • Indicate whether or not the Bulk Lot contains organic cannabis.

    • Note: A Bulk Lot cannot be archived if it contains weight, volume, or discrete units; or if there are any EA units–also known as bottles–associated with the lot. Once all EA units have been sold and the Bulk Lot is empty, a technician can archive the lot until the time comes to destroy the retained sample.


The Bulk Lot will have one of two statuses: Waiting for QA Release or Released. In order for products created from a Bulk Lot to be released for sale, the Bulk Lot must be QA approved through testing at a third-party laboratory. Visit the Lab Reports tab for more information.


Once the Bulk Lot has been QA Approved, click Release to Release the Bulk Lot. This makes any products packaged from this Bulk Lot available for sale, and records the lot's date of release in the banner. If a mistake occurs, of if products associated with the Bulk Lot are recalled, click Unrelease to revert the Bulk Lot to the Waiting for QA status. This ensures that no further products from the Bulk Lot become available to clients.

Visit the Seed-to-Sale Process Guide to understand how processing and quality assurance fits into the cannabis production workflow.

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