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Mass Packaging Run Tab – Bulk Lot Profile
Mass Packaging Run Tab – Bulk Lot Profile
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The Mass Packaging Run tab allows a Packaging Associate to package large amounts of cannabis from the Bulk Lot in a single process. Unlike the process of Packaging Cannabis on the Gun App, in which bottles–or EA units–are scanned, filled, and weighed one by one, a Mass Packaging Run allows the associate to calculate the total weight, volume, and discrete units to package, and create and label the new EA units all at once. This is ideal for automated packaging processes.

Packaging Runs and Mass Packaging Runs serve only to package bulk cannabis into bottles–or EA units. To package EA units into cases to sell to vendors through the Wholesale application, visit a Case SKU's Casing Runs tab and Create a Casing Run.

Complete the fields on the Mass Packaging Run tab to Create a Mass Packaging Run. After the run is complete, Print EA Unit Labels.

[img bulk-lot-mpr]

EA Units created through a Mass Packaging Run must be Released to the available inventory before clients can purchase them through the Client Portal. Similarly, if the EA units are packaged into cases through a Casing Run, the cases cannot be shipped to vendors through the Wholesale application until the source Packaging Run has been released.

For more information on other Bulk Lot Profile tabs, visit the articles on Harvests, QA, Lab Reports, Retained Samples, Forensics, Totes, Weight Events, Work Orders, and Destruction.

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