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Forensics Tab – Bulk Lot Profile
Forensics Tab – Bulk Lot Profile
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The Forensics tab keeps a record of all packaged inventory associated with a Bulk Lot for product traceability. In the event of a product recall, you can quickly generate a report of all bottle–or EA unit–ID numbers that contain cannabis from the compromised Bulk Lot, or from a specific Packaging Run or Received Inventory record. The report identifies any EA units that have been purchased or cased, and lists the contact information of any clients or vendors who purchased cannabis associated with the Bulk Lot. Visit the Recall Process Guide for more information.


In the Inventory Forensics table, you can access a list of Packaging Runs and/or Received Inventory records associated with the Bulk Lot. The table displays each run/inventory's unique ID number, the Product and SKU the units were packaged/received into, and the quantity of EA units packaged/received.

To Generate a Forensics Report, select one or more Packaging Runs or Received Inventory records and click Download Forensics CSV.

Click Download Packaged Inventory Report to download a summary of all packaged inventory associated with the Bulk Lot.

For more information on other Bulk Lot Profile tabs, visit the articles on Harvests, QA, Lab Reports, Retained Samples, Totes, Weight Events, Work Orders, Mass Packaging Run, and Destruction.

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