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How to Change a Bulk Lot's Cannabis Form
How to Change a Bulk Lot's Cannabis Form
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A Bulk Lot's cannabis specifies the form of cannabis in the Bulk Lot in detail beyond the Bulk Lot's type. For instance, a Bulk Lot of dried cannabis may be composed entirely of large flowers. In that scenario, the Bulk Lot's type would be Dried and the Bulk Lot's cannabis form would be Large Flower. The cannabis form allows for added accuracy when converting cannabis from one form to another through Work Orders, and identifies the cannabis in each Bulk Lot as Flowering, Non-Flowering, or Untracked material. This is essential for accurate CTLS reporting. Visit the Settings tab to learn more about cannabis forms.

Required permission(s): production_read, bulk_lot_update

  1. In the Productions module, select a production.

    [img production-profile]

  2. Select a Bulk Lot. This opens the Bulk Lot's Profile.

    [img bulk-lot-overview]

  3. Under Cannabis Form, click Edit. This opens the Edit Cannabis Form modal.

  4. Open the drop-down menu provided, and select a new cannabis form.

  5. Click Save to update the Bulk Lot's cannabis form.


Click Change under the Lot Type heading to Change the Bulk Lot's Type.

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