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Work Orders Tab – Bulk Lot Profile
Work Orders Tab – Bulk Lot Profile
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The Work Orders tab displays the Bulk Lot's Work Order history. A Work Order is a processing event such as drying, trimming, or extraction that converts some or all cannabis in a Bulk Lot from one form to another. A new Work Order is required for every processing event the cannabis goes through before being packaged and sold to customers. All functions to do with Work Orders occur within the Work Orders module.

The Output to Work Orders section tracks every time weight is taken from the Bulk Lot to be processed through a Work Order. The Input from Work Orders section tracks every time the Bulk Lot receives weight from a finished Work Order. Records of these transactions are also logged in the Bulk Lot's Weight Events tab.


Click New to Create a New Work Order.

Visit the Work Order Workflows section for detailed examples of how to process cannabis into a saleable from through a series of Work Orders.

For more information on other Bulk Lot Profile tabs, visit the articles on Harvests, QA, Lab Reports, Retained Samples, Forensics, Totes, Weight Events, Mass Packaging Run, and Destruction.

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