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Retained Samples Tab – Bulk Lot Profile
Retained Samples Tab – Bulk Lot Profile
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Health Canada requires licence holders to retain a sample of each Bulk Lot for at least one year after the last date of sale or provision, and the Retained Samples tab tracks these samples. The Retained Samples tab displays the name, location, and creation date of each retained sample associated with the Bulk Lot. The table also records the weight, volume, and discrete units taken from the Bulk Lot for each sample. The Volume and Discrete Units columns will only appear if the Bulk Lot tracks cannabis using those units of measure.


Click New to Create a New Retained Sample. Each new sample is assigned a unique ID tag that corresponds with its parent Bulk Lot. For example, the first retained sample taken from Bulk Lot 77432 will have a sample ID of B77432-S1.

Click Print Label to Print a Retention Sample Label.

Retained Sample Profile

Select a retained sample from the index to open its Retained Sample Profile. Here, a Quality Assurance Technician can update, delete, or destroy the sample. Deleting a retained sample returns the weight to the Bulk Lot and deletes the sample's profile. Destroying a retained sample marks the sample as Destroyed, and sends the sample's weight to a Destruction Lot.

All Weight Events associated with the retained sample appear in a table in the Events section.


For more information on other Bulk Lot Profile tabs, visit the articles on Harvests, QA, Lab Reports, Forensics, Totes, Weight Events, Work Orders, Mass Packaging Run, and Destruction.

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