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Weight Events Tab – Bulk Lot Profile
Weight Events Tab – Bulk Lot Profile
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The Weight Events tab records all changes to a Bulk Lot's weight, volume, and/or discrete unit count. Every time an action occurs that impacts the Bulk Lot's weight–packaging cannabis into bottles, sending a Bulk Lot sample for testing, creating a retained sample, etc.–the change is recorded as a new line item in the Weight Events table.


Each line in the Weight Events table includes a running total of the Bulk Lot's weight/volume/discrete units, the amount added or subtracted in the weight event, and a brief description of the weight event.

Click Download Report to Generate a Weight Events Report in CSV format.

Click Transfer into Other Lot to transfer a portion of the Bulk Lot to another existing Bulk Lot. Both Bulk Lots will retain a record of the transfer in their respective Weight Events tabs.

Click Split Into New Lot to split off a portion of the Bulk Lot into a new, separate Bulk Lot. The new Bulk Lot will be a clone of the original, but it will have unique weight indicators, QA Status, Work Orders, and Packaging Runs.

Click New Event to manually create a new weight event. This is only necessary if the Bulk Lot undergoes a change in weight/volume/discrete units that is not directly linked to a process within the Seed-to-Sale software, like dry-loss reconciliation or packaging reconciliation.

For more information on other Bulk Lot Profile tabs, visit the articles on Harvests, QA, Lab Reports, Retained Samples, Forensics, Totes, Work Orders, Mass Packaging Run, and Destruction.

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