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How to Archive a Bulk Lot
How to Archive a Bulk Lot
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If a Bulk Lot is empty and unused, a QA Technician should archive the Bulk Lot. This declutters the Bulk Lots section on a Production's Profile, as archived Bulk Lots do not appear in the index by default. Please note that a Bulk Lot cannot be archived if it contains weight, volume, or discrete units; or if there are any EA units–also known as bottles–associated with the lot.

A technician can archive a lot with a retained sample if all associated EA units have been sold. This is useful for keeping the Bulk Lot hidden from the index until a year has passed after the last date of sale or provision, at which time a technician can destroy the retained sample.

Required permission(s): production_read, bulk_lot_archive

  1. In the Productions module, select a production.

    [img production-profile]

  2. Select a Bulk Lot to open the Bulk Lot's Profile.

  3. Scroll down, and click Archive. If the Bulk Lot is empty and has no associated EA units, a confirmation modal will appear. If the Bulk Lot contains weight/volume/discrete units and/or has any associated EA units that have not been sold, an error message will appear, and you will be unable to continue.

  4. Click Archive to mark the Bulk Lot as Archived.


At any time, you can repeat this process to Unarchive the Bulk Lot.

From the Bulk Lot's Overview tab, a QA Technician can also Change the Bulk Lot's Type, Change the Bulk Lot's Cannabis Form, or Print a Barcode for the Bulk Lot.

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