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Missing Products Error
Missing Products Error
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A product or SKU will not show up for sale in the Client Portal or Orders module unless the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • The product and client must be part of the same sales channel.


    Sales channels match clients with products; in order to purchase a product, the client and product must both be added to the same sales channel. A client must be in at least one sales channel to order products, and a product must be in at least one sales channel before it can be sold.

    1. Visit the Sales Channels tab in the Client's Profile and, if necessary, Add the Client to a Sales Channel.

  • There must be sufficient inventory.


    The available inventory of a cannabis product SKU is determined after bottles are packaged through Packaging Runs or received through Received Inventory. If a SKU has no Packaging Runs or Received Inventory, or if the inventory is Unreleased, the SKU will be unavailable for purchase. Check for sufficient inventory through the following steps:

    1. Check for inventory created through Packaging Runs.

      1. Open the Inventory tab in the SKU's Profile, and select the Packaging Runs sub-tab. If there are no Packaging Runs, or if all units from Packaging Runs have already been sold, Create a Packaging Run or Mass Packaging Run.

      2. If a Packaging Run is Open, Close the Packaging Run.

      3. If a Packaging Run is Closed but Unreleased, Release the Packaging Run.

    2. Check for Received Inventory.

      1. Open the Inventory tab in the SKU's Profile, and select the Received Inventory sub-tab. If there are no received inventory records, Add Received Inventory through the Wholesale application.

      2. If any received inventory is unreleased, Release the Inventory.

  • The associated Bulk Lot must be QA Approved.


    Packaging associates can package bulk cannabis through Packaging Runs before the Bulk Lot has passed QA testing. However, the Packaging Run cannot be released as available inventory until the Bulk Lot is in the QA Released status. To navigate back to the associated Bulk Lot, open the Inventory tab in the SKU's Profile, find the relevant Packaging Run or Received Inventory, and click the link in the Bulk Lot column. This will open the Bulk Lot's Forensics tab.

    If the Bulk Lot is Waiting on QA, complete the required quality assurance processes:

    1. Ensure the Bulk Lot has at least one Retained Sample.

    2. Ensure the Bulk Lot has an Active lab report.

When developing products, follow the Seed-to-Sale Process Guide to avoid these issues.

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