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A Client Profile contains detailed information on a specific client, including their registration information, prescription information, credit card details, and insurance policies. Access a Client Profile by selecting a client from the Clients module dashboard.


Opening a a Client Profile opens the client's Overview tab opens by default.

Overview Tab


The Overview tab provides a high-level summary of the client's registration status, prescription information, and order history. The Seed-to-Sale software tracks these important fields using a stoplight colour system, also known as Red-Amber-Green (RAG) status:

  • Fields in green are approved/valid.

  • Fields in yellow require attention.

  • Fields in red have been cancelled, disabled, and/or require attention.



In the Notes section, click New to Create a Note about the client. This is helpful if a client has special needs to accommodate. For example, a deaf or hard-of-hearing client may be unable to communicate by telephone, so a CSR should add a note to indicate that this client prefers to communicate through email.



In the Documents section, click Generate to generate a Confirmation of Registration Document, a Confirmation of Registration Amendment Document, or a Confirmation of Registration Renewal Document. Click New to upload a new document.

Navigate back to the Clients module dashboard to Add a New Client.

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