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A Product Profile hosts detailed information and actions for a specific product. A product is a general inventory item that breaks down into stock-keeping units–also known as SKUs.


A Product Profile splits into six tabs: Overview, Edit, Symptoms and Ailments, Policies, Sales Channels, and Tags.

Opening the Product Profile opens the Overview tab by default.


The Overview tab displays essential information about the product.

  • Name: The product's name as it appears on product labels.

  • Product Type: Indicates the type of product: Dried Flower, Oil, Accessory, etc.

  • Product Type Subclass: A more specific subclass within the product's type.

  • Common Name: How the product is known to the general public. This is useful in cases where the license holder uses a unique product name for a popular cannabis strain.

  • Product Strain: The product's cannabis strain. This only applies to cannabis products.

  • Available for Purchase: The amount of inventory available for sale to the public.

  • Product Image: A picture of the product. This image is displayed on the product's page in the Client Portal.

Edit these fields and input additional information in the product's Edit tab. Click Print Label to Print a Label for the Product.

Product Statuses


The product will have one of two statuses: Available for Purchase or Unavailable for Purchase. This status indicates whether or not customers can purchase the product. To stop or start selling a product, click the


icon to open the menu and select Stop Selling or Start Selling.



The Overview tab also includes a high-level list of the product's stock-keeping units, also known as SKUs. A single product may break down into several SKUs if it is available in several options. For example, a dried cannabis product may be available in several sizes–5g, 10g, 20g, etc.

The SKUs section displays the name of each SKU and the quantity of each SKU available for purchase, on hand, or reserved. The Available for Purchase column refers to the number of bottles available for sale to clients. This may be different than the On Hand amount, which also includes bottles packaged into cases for wholesale orders.

Click New SKU to Create a New SKU, or select a SKU to open the SKU's Profile.

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