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How to Fulfill an Order with Seeds
How to Fulfill an Order with Seeds
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In the typical order fulfillment process, Fulfillment Associates use the Gun App to pick, label, and ship units of packaged cannabis from the licence holder's inventory. However, when fulfilling an order with seeds, a Customer Service Representative–or CSR–selects individual seeds directly from a Seed Lot through the Order's Profile. There is no scanning involved in this process.

Required permission(s): order_read, seed_lot_read, strain_read, order_update

Note: The process outlined in this article is specific to Creating and Selling Starting Materials (Plants & Seeds). For information on the typical order fulfillment process, visit the article on How to Fulfill an Order.

  1. Create a New Order that includes seeds. Once the client's payment has been processed, the order's status will be Order Placed, and a new Fulfillment–Starting Materials section will appear beneath the Order Items section.

    • Note: A client cannot purchase starting materials and bottled cannabis products in the same order.

  2. Click on a seed SKU in the Fulfillment-Starting Materials section. This opens the Pick Seeds modal, which lists all Seed Lots saved to the licence holder's system.

  3. Select a Seed Lot of the appropriate strain by clicking its radio button.

    • Note: Filter the list of Seed Lots by selecting a strain from the drop-down menu, or by entering an inquiry in the search bar.

  4. Enter the quantity of seeds to pick in the field provided.

  5. Click Pick to remove the seeds from the Seed Lot and pick them for the order. A summary of the picked seeds appears at the bottom of the modal.

  6. Click out of the modal, and repeat steps 2-5 for each seed SKU on the order.

  7. Once the order is fulfilled, click Mark as Shipped and print a shipping label. Package the seeds into an appropriate shipping container, and apply the shipping label to the container.


Customer Service Representatives take similar steps when Fulfilling an Order with Plants.

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