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How to Return Grams to a Prescription
How to Return Grams to a Prescription
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If a package is lost or stolen, if a client Returns a Bottle, or if an order is refused or cancelled, a Customer Service Representative–or CSR–must add the grams back to the client's prescription allowance. This allows the client to create a new order to replace the cannabis.

Required permission(s): order_read, returned_grams_create

  1. In the Orders module, select an order.

    • Note: The order's status must be Shipped, Delivered, Refused, Refunded, or Cancelled.


  2. Open the Returned Grams tab.

  3. Click New. This opens the Return Grams modal. Here, the CSR will see the total grams used in the order, as well as the total grams available to return.

  4. Enter the number of grams to return to the client's prescription and the reason for the return in the fields provided.

  5. Click Save to return the grams. The returned credit will appear in the Prescription section on the client's Overview tab.


If a mistake occurs, the CSR can Delete the Returned Grams Record to remove the returned credit from the client's prescription.

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