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How to Complete a Payment
How to Complete a Payment
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If a client pays for an order with a cheque, a money order, cash, or an e-Transfer, the order's status updates to Awaiting Payment. This holds the order and applicable inventory until a Customer Service Representative–or CSR–verifies that they have received the client's payment by following these steps:

Required permission(s): order_read, order_update

  1. In the Orders module, select an order in the Awaiting Payment status.

  2. Click the


    icon to open a menu of options.

  3. Select Complete Payment. This opens a Complete Payment modal.

  4. Enter a reference number in the field provided. Ensure the reference number is meaningful and traceable, as it will be stored in the order's receipt information once the client's payment processes.

  5. Click Submit to confirm that the licence holder has received the client's payment. This advances the order to the Order Placed status.


Once the licence holder receives the client's payment, visit the Order Fulfillment module on the Gun App to Fulfill the Client's Order.

If the client's order includes plants or seeds, scroll down to the Fulfillment–Starting Materials section to Fulfill an Order with Plants or Fulfill and Order with Seeds.

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