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Process Guide: Client Registration
Process Guide: Client Registration
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Before a client can order cannabis through the Seed-to-Sale software, they must register with complete personal information, submit relevant medical documents, have an active prescription, and belong to at least one sales channel. Follow the steps below to guide a new client through the registration process and into the Approved status.

  1. Create a new client. A Customer Service Representative–or CSR–can create a new client from scratch through the Clients module, by accepting an AmpleCare submission, or by completing a registration submitted through the Client Portal. If a client creates a registration through the Client Portal, proceed to step 2 to complete their registration.

  2. When the registration form is complete and medical documents are pending, move the client to Pending Verification status.

  3. When the medical documents are received, enter the client's prescription and physician information. Then, update the client's active registration to reference the prescription.

  4. Add the client to a sales channel. Clients can only purchase products that belong to the same sales channel(s).

  5. Change the client's registration status to Approved.

  6. Generate a Registration Document.

  7. Send the client an email confirmation to inform them that their registration has been approved.

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