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Process Guide: Recalls
Process Guide: Recalls
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Before initiating a product recall, visit the Bottle Trace and Recall guide to see a list of suggested investigative actions. If the licence holder determines that a product recall is necessary, follow the processes below to remove the affected product from available inventory, contact relevant clients, and issue refunds.

  1. Stop selling the affected product(s). Depending on the situation, the recall may be localized to a single SKU, or it may affect all SKUs of a single product.

  2. Unrelease the Packaging Run to pull the affected SKU units from the available inventory.

  3. Generate a Forensics Report. The Forensics Report identifies any EA units from a Bulk Lot that have already been sold or cased, and lists the names and contact information of all clients or vendors who have purchased the affected units.

  4. As clients return the affected bottles, return the bottles to the inventory.

  5. Deliver refunds to clients who paid for their orders with credit cards.

  6. Return the appropriate number of grams to each client's prescription so they can submit replacement orders.

  7. Destroy the affected product. If the recall is localized to a single Packaging Run, you will only need to destroy the affected bottles. If the recall affects an entire Bulk Lot, you must destroy all cannabis in the affected Bulk Lot.

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