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Process Guide: Receiving Inventory
Process Guide: Receiving Inventory
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This article describes the necessary steps to receive inventory from an external source. Most of this workflow is specific to receiving packaged inventory, a process that includes logging the received EA units, testing the received cannabis, and releasing the EA units for public sale. Many of these steps are not necessary when receiving bulk inventory.

  1. Add the received inventory through the Wholesale application. If the received inventory contains packaged items, you must associate the new Received Inventory record with an existing product and SKU, and with a Bulk Lot. You can choose from a menu of existing Bulk Lots or create a new Bulk Lot as part of the workflow.

  2. Print labels for the received EA units.

  3. If the Received Inventory record is associated to a Bulk Lot without an active lab report, send a sample to an external lab for testing. In order have sample weight/volume/discrete units available, a user must return mass to the Bulk Lot.

    1. Return mass to the Bulk Lot.

  4. Update the Received Inventory record's QA status to Released. This adds the received EA units to the SKU's available inventory count, which enables clients to purchase the units through the Client Portal.

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