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How to Ship a Shipment
How to Ship a Shipment
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Once the shipment is en route to the vendor, change the shipment's status to Shipped. Marking a shipment as Shipped removes the inventory from the system.

Note: The Seed-to-Sale software will not allow you to ship an empty shipment, nor will it allow you to ship unreleased cannabis.

Required permission(s): sales_order_read, shipment_read, shipment_update

  1. In the Wholesale application, open the Sales Orders tab. It should be open by default.

    [img sales-order-index]

  2. Select a Sales Order to open the Sales Order's Profile.

    [img sales-order-profile-unpackaged]

  3. Open the Shipments tab.

    [img shipments-tab]

  4. Select a shipment in the Picked & Packed status to open the Shipment's Profile.


  5. In the Overview section, open the Status drop-down menu and select Shipped.

  6. Click Save. This opens a confirmation modal.

  7. Click Yes, Ship Inventory. This removes the inventory from the license holder's system and sets the shipment's status to Shipped.

    • Note: By default, the Shipped On field updates to the current date. If the shipment shipped at an earlier date, click Edit to adjust this field for accuracy.

Once the vendor confirms that they have received the shipment, Mark the Shipment as Delivered.

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