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How to Create a Vendor
How to Create a Vendor
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Vendors are wholesale purchasers who submit bulk orders to the license holder. Each vendor can have multiple licence numbers–one for each address associated with the vendor.

Required permission(s): vendor_read, vendor_update

  1. In the Wholesale application, open the Vendors tab.

    [img vendors-index]

  2. Click New to open a blank Vendor Profile on Step 1: General Information.

  3. Configure the vendor’s General Information in the fields provided. An asterisk* denotes a required field.

    • Vendor Name: The vendor’s name.

    • Vendor Type: Indicates whether the vendor is a wholesale supplier, customer, or both.

    • Phone Number: The vendor’s primary phone number.

    • Fax: The vendor’s primary fax number.

    • Code: The vendor’s abbreviated code.

    • Language: The vendor’s primary language.

    • Vendor Category: The vendor’s category. Vendor categories are a method used to group vendors with similar properties.

    • Description: A brief description of the vendor.

    • Tax ID(s): The vendor’s HST, GST, PST, and QST tax numbers, if applicable.

  4. Add the vendor's website information, if applicable.

    1. In the Websites section, click Add a Website.

    2. Enter the website's URL in the field provided, and write a brief description.

    3. Click Add to save the website. Repeat as necessary.

  5. Click Continue to proceed to Step 2: Addresses & Contacts.

  6. Configure the details of at least one shipping/billing address associated with the vendor.

    1. In the Addresses and Associated Details section, click Add an Address. This opens a modal.

    2. Enter the address in the fields provided. An asterisk* denotes a required field.

      • Name: The location's name.

      • Address Line 1/2: The location’s address.

      • City: The location’s city.

      • Province/State/Region: The location’s province/state/region

      • Postal Code / ZIP: The location’s postal/ZIP/mailing code.

      • Country: The location’s country.

      • Phone Number: The location’s primary phone number.

      • Fax: The location’s primary fax number.

      • Email: The location’s primary email address.

      • Licence Number: The location’s licence number. Each address may have a unique licence number.

      • Licence Types: Describes the nature of the licence. The options selected here affect which options appear when setting a Sales Order's purpose.

        • These options only appear if the address is in Canada.

      • Description: A brief description of the location.

    3. Click Add to save the address. Repeat as necessary.

  7. Configure at least one point of contact.

    1. In the Contacts section, click Add a Contact. This opens a modal.

    2. Enter the contact's information in the fields provided.

      • First Name: The contact’s first name.

      • Last Name: The contact’s surname.

      • Job Title: The contact’s job title.

      • Primary Phone Number: The contact’s primary phone number.

      • Alternate Phone Number: The contact’s alternate phone number.

      • Fax: The contact’s fax number.

      • Email: The contact’s email address.

    3. Click Add to save the contact. Repeat as necessary.

  8. Click Save to finalize the new vendor.


Before a licence holder can create a Sales Order for the new vendor, the vendor must be Approved.

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