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How to Download a Shipment Invoice
How to Download a Shipment Invoice
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The shipment invoice summarizes the goods packed and shipped to a vendor in a given shipment and serves as a financial snapshot for the license holder to request payment from the vendor. Be sure to forward the invoice to the vendor before or concurrent with shipping the shipment.

The shipment invoice doubles as a picking list for Fulfillment Associates to use when picking and packing the shipment.

Required permission(s): sales_order_read, shipment_read

  1. In the Wholesale application, open the Sales Orders tab. It should be open by default.

    [img sales-order-index]

  2. Select a Sales Order to open the Sales Order's Profile.

    [img sales-order-profile-unpackaged]

  3. Open the Shipments tab.

    [img shipments-tab]

  4. Locate the correct shipment, and click the


    icon in the rightmost column to open the menu.

    [img shipment-menu]

  5. Click Download Invoice PDF. This prompts a shipment invoice PDF to download.

    • Note: The shipment must be Approved before you can download a shipment invoice. Visit the Shipment's Profile to Manage a Shipment's Status.


You can also proceed from the Shipments tab to the Shipment Profile and print the shipment invoice from there.

  1. From the Shipments tab, select a shipment. This opens the Shipment's Profile.

    [img shipment-profile]

  2. In the Overview section, click Invoice. This prompts a shipment invoice PDF to download.

    • Note: The Invoice button will not be clickable unless the shipment has been approved. Open the Status drop-down menu to Manage the Shipment's Status.


From a Shipment's Profile, you can also Download a Packing Slip.

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