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How to Change a Sales Order's Status
How to Change a Sales Order's Status
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A senior employee must manually update a Sales Order's status as it progresses through the fulfillment workflow.

Required permission(s): sales_order_read, sales_order_update

  1. In the Wholesale application, open the Sales Orders tab. It should be open by default.

    [img sales-order-index]

  2. Select a Sales Order to open the Sales Order's Profile.

    [img sales-order-profile-unpackaged]

  3. Open the Status drop-down menu, and select a status.

    • Note: The Sales Order must be fulfilled through complete shipments before it can be marked as Fulfilled.

  4. Click Save. This saves the Sales Order in the selected status.


From the Sales Order's Profile, you can Download a Sales Order Invoice or Create a New Shipment.

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