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How to Manage a Shipment's Status
How to Manage a Shipment's Status
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License holders track the progress of a shipment by changing the shipment's status through the Status drop-down menu. At present, a shipment's status does not update automatically, so you must manually adjust a shipment's status as it enters each stage.

This process differs slightly if marking a shipment as Shipped or Delivered.

Required permission(s): sales_order_read, shipment_read, shipment_update

  1. In the Wholesale application, open the Sales Orders tab. It should be open by default.

    [img sales-order-index]

  2. Select a Sales Order to open the Sales Order's Profile.

    [img sales-order-profile-unpackaged]

  3. Open the Shipments tab.

    [img shipments-tab]

  4. Select a shipment to open the Shipment's Profile.

    [img shipment-profile]

  5. In the Overview section, open the Status drop-down menu and select a new status.

  6. Click Save to change the shipment's status.

    • Note: There are special conditions associated with marking a shipment as Shipped, Delivered, or Cancelled, and these will appear on a confirmation modal. Read through the conditions before confirming the status change.

From a Shipment Profile, you can also Download a Shipment Invoice or Download a Packing Slip.

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