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How to Reclaim a Bottle
How to Reclaim a Bottle
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If bottles are mislabeled or packaged in error, Packaging Associates can return the cannabis to the Bulk Lot by reclaiming the bottle, and repackage the cannabis in a new Packaging Run. Packaging Associates should only reclaim bottles to rectify simple packaging errors, wherein the cannabis in the bottle is unaffected. If the cannabis itself is contaminated or otherwise unfit for sale, Destroy the Bottle.

Required permission(s): reclaim_bottles_create

  1. In the Other module, tap Reclaim Bottles.

  2. Scan any mispackaged bottles. As the Packaging Associate scans the bottles, each bottle's ID number will appear in the modal.

    • Note: To remove a bottle from the list, tap the


  3. Once all mispackaged bottles have been scanned, tap Continue.

  4. Configure reclamation details.

    1. Indicate whether or not to allow the reclamation if the source Bulk Lot has been archived.

    2. Indicate whether or not to delete the bottles' records upon completion. This will erase all record of the bottle ID numbers from the Seed-to-Sale environment.

  5. Tap Continue. This opens a confirmation page that summarizes the total weight (in grams), volume (in millilitres), and discrete units that will return to the source Bulk Lot.

  6. Review the reclamation details. If everything is in order, click Reclaim. This opens a confirmation modal.

  7. Click Reclaim again to reclaim the bottles.


Visit the Products module to Perform a Mass Reclamation. To repackage the cannabis, Create a Packaging Run or a Mass Packaging Run.

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