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How to Add Received Inventory–Bulk Inventory
How to Add Received Inventory–Bulk Inventory
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Rather than cultivating cannabis plants to harvest and process into saleable products, some license holders may purchase packaged inventory from another source to sell to their clients. You can use this feature to receive Packaged Items or Bulk Inventory.

Required permission(s): product_read, production_read, bulk_lot_create, received_inventory_read, received_inventory_create

  1. In the Wholesale application, open the Received Inventory tab.

    [img received-inventory-index-packaged]

  2. Open the Bulk sub-tab.

  3. Click New. This opens a page to log newly received bulk inventory.

  4. Enter the inventory's source information in the fields provided.

    • Source: The inventory's origin. Options are:

      • Domestic: Inventory received from another domestic cannabis producer.

      • Return: Inventory returned from a previous sale.

      • Other: Inventory received by other means.

    • External Order ID: The external order's unique ID number. Assigning an external order ID helps users keep track of Received Inventories from the same order. This is an optional field.

  5. Associate the Received Inventory to a Bulk Lot. This may be a new Bulk Lot or an existing Bulk Lot of the appropriate type.

    • To create a new Bulk Lot:

      1. Under Associate To, select New Lot. It should be selected by default.

      2. Configure information about the new Bulk Lot in the fields provided.

        • Production: The new Bulk Lot's parent production.

        • Name: The new Bulk Lot's name.

        • Migrated ID: The Bulk Lot's ID number as it appears in the sender's management system. This is an optional field.

        • Bulk Lot Type: The Bulk Lot's high-level type.

        • Cannabis Form: The Bulk Lot's cannabis form. For reporting accuracy, select a cannabis form that describes the quality of cannabis in the EA units.

        • Total Weight/Volume/Units: The total amount of bulk cannabis received. The units of measure will vary based on the Bulk Lot's type.

        • Location: The Bulk Lot's location.

    • To select an existing Bulk Lot:

      1. Under Associate To, select Existing Lot.

      2. Click Select Bulk Lot to open a menu of Bulk Lots.

      3. Select a Bulk Lot by checking its box in the leftmost column.

        • Filter the list by Bulk Lot type to quickly find a Bulk Lot that matches the received bulk inventory's cannabis form.


      4. Enter the weight/volume/units received in the fields provided. The units of measure available will vary based on the selected Bulk Lot's type.

      5. Click Select. If the Bulk Lot already contains weight, a warning modal will appear. As a best practice, each Bulk Lot should contain only inventory from the same source.

      6. Click Confirm & Select to close the modal.

  6. Review the inventory, source, and Bulk Lot information. If everything is in order, click Create. This creates the new Received Inventory and associates the received weight with the Bulk Lot.


Before the Received Inventory can be Released for Sale, the associated Bulk Lot must have an active lab report and be QA Approved. This may require the license holder to Send a Sample to an external lab for testing.

From the Received Inventory tab, you can also Return Received Inventory. If you entered the Received Inventory's information in error, you can Revert the Received Inventory to correct the mistake.

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