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Policies Tab – Client Profile
Policies Tab – Client Profile
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The Policies tab stores information on the client's medical insurance policies, which may cover some of the costs when filling prescriptions. When purchasing cannabis through the Client Portal or the Orders module, a client or Customer Service Representative can select a policy to apply to the order before entering payment information.

Click Add to Add a New Policy.


Policy Page


Click on a policy to view or edit the Policy page. The Policy page specifies the conditions of the client's policy, including the length of time it is valid and the amount of coverage it provides.


The Policy page also identifies the policy's type. Policy Types are configured in the Settings tab, and upon choosing a policy type, the new client policy will populate with the policy type's default settings. If a CSR Updates a Policy Type, the change will be reflected in any client policies that use the policy type, unless the client policy has been customized. Custom policies will be unaffected by updates to the master policy type's settings.


Unless the client has a global policy, their policy will apply only to products that have been marked as covered by that policy. Visit the Products module to Add Policy Coverage to a Product.

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