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Registrations Tab – Client Profile
Registrations Tab – Client Profile
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The Registrations tab displays the client's registration history. The client's active registration is highlighted in green. If the active registration has expired, or is about to expire, click Renew to Request a Registration Renewal or manually Create a Registration Renewal.


Registration Page

Access detailed information on a specific registration by clicking on it. On the Registration page, a Customer Service Representative–or CSR–can view and edit the client's registration information. Click the


icon to unlock editing capability.

The registration page splits into three sub-tabs: Personal Information, Caregivers, and Production for Own Purposes.

Personal Information



The status drop-down menu shows the client’s progression through the registration process.

  • Lead: A new client in the system who has not submitted relevant documentation or referrals.

  • Pending Registration: An existing client in the system who has not submitted medical forms.

  • Pending Verification: An existing client who has submitted medical documentation and is awaiting internal validation.

  • Pending Amendment: An existing client in the system who must submit a registration amendment.

  • Amendment Verification: An existing client in the system who has submitted a registration amendment and is awaiting internal validation.

  • Renewal Verification: An existing client in the system who has submitted a registration renewal and is awaiting internal validation.

  • Approved: The client has been approved to purchase.

  • Refused: The client's application has been refused due to incomplete information, suspicion of false or misleading information, or another reason.

    • When refusing a client, a CSR must indicate the specific reason for the refusal. Learn more about How to Refuse a Client.

  • Disabled: An approved client that no longer places orders due to business reasons.

  • Expired: The client's prescription has expired.

  • Transferred: The client's registration has been transferred to another licensed seller.

Each status can be associated with an email template that is automatically sent out once the status is changed.

Residence and Mailing Address

The registration page allows you to specify three unique address types:

  • Primary Residence: Where the client currently lives full-time.

  • Mailing Address: Entered only if different from the Primary Residence.

  • Establishment Information: An address that is not a private residence, such as a hostel or shelter.

The CSR can select any of these addresses as the client's shipping address by checking one of the radio buttons in the Ship To section.


By default, there is a two-day delivery period. To override the default for a specific client, fill in the Estimated Days for Delivery field.

Once the CSR has selected the shipping address, a green "Ship To" indicator will appear next to the selected address.



Caregivers are individuals who have been authorized to place orders on the client's behalf. To add a caregiver after a registration has been completed, the client must submit an amendment or create a new registration.

Products cannot be shipped to a caregiver's address as per Health Canada regulations, so the caregiver's address will not appear as a shipping address option.


Production for Own Purposes

The Production for Own Purposes tab applies only to clients who are permitted to possess and grow cannabis plants for their personal use. A client of this type may register to receive an interim supply of cannabis while their personal plants propagate, or they may wish to purchase plants or seeds from a licence holder. Indicate this information in the Possession section.


The CSR must also input information about the client's Production Site and Storage Site–where the cannabis will be produced and stored, respectively. Click Use Primary Address or Use Production Site to automatically fill these fields.


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