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Call Logs Tab – Client Profile
Call Logs Tab – Client Profile
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The Call Logs tab allows a Customer Service Representative–or CSR–to keep track of all phone communication with the client. Each time a CSR calls or receives a call from the client, the CSR must create a new call log to indicate the call's date and time, call duration, and the reason for the call. This is especially crucial if a customer calls to file a complaint or raises an issue that may take some time to investigate and resolve.

Click New to Create a New Call Log.


Call Log Page

Select a call log from the list to open the Call Log page. Here, the CSR can view a detailed description of the call, edit the call log, or click Delete to delete the call log.

When creating a new call log, the CSR must select a call log reason from the drop-down menu provided. Click Manage Call Log Reasons to Add or Edit Call Log Reasons.


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