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Recurring Orders Tab – Client Profile
Recurring Orders Tab – Client Profile
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Through the Recurring Order tab, a Customer Service Representative–or CSR–can set up a template for a recurring order. If the client has a recurring order enabled, the Seed-to-Sale software will automatically create a new order each period the client's prescription is reset. The new order will be in the Open status, and a CSR can then make adjustments to the order before processing the client's payment. This is ideal for clients who consistently order the same products each prescription period.

Fill in the fields provided to Create a New Recurring Order.


In order for the recurring order to process, its status must be set to Enabled. Please note that recurring orders must respect the following limitations:

  • For prescription amounts of 0–150 or 300 grams per month, the order template must fulfill 100% of the patient's prescription or 150 grams, whichever is lower. Prescriptions of 300 grams will have two identical 150-gram orders placed.

  • For prescriptions higher than 150 and lower than 300 grams per month, 150 grams will be added to the order and the amount remaining on the prescription will be left available.

A recurring order depends on the inventory available when the client's prescription renews. If there is not enough product on-hand to fulfill the client's recurring order, a new order will not be created.

If the client wants to resume placing orders manually, the CSR should Disable the Recurring Order.

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