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Prescription Periods Tab – Client Profile
Prescription Periods Tab – Client Profile
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The Prescription Periods tab tracks the client's prescription periods for their current prescription. A prescription period is a 30-day period, the first of which begins on the anticipated day of delivery for the first order from a new prescription. Within each 30-day period the client has a gram allowance that they can use to order cannabis products. Once the client exhausts their gram allowance they must wait until the next prescription period before they can order more cannabis. The client must use up their allowance within each designated prescription period; unused grams do not carry over to the next prescription period.

The client's prescription period resets every 30 days until their prescription expires. For instance, a year-long prescription will have 12 prescription periods.


The Prescription Periods tab displays the client's prescription periods in tabular format, with the active prescription period highlighted in green. The table lists high-level information about each prescription period, including:

  • Period No.: The prescription period's number.

  • Start Date: The prescription period's start date.

  • End Date: The prescription period's end date.

  • Allowance: The client's gram allowance for the prescription period.

  • Used: The number of grams the client has already used from the prescription period's allowance.

  • Available to Order: The number of grams the client is still able to order during the prescription period.

  • Orders: The total number of orders placed in the prescription period.

Viewing Prescription Period Orders

Click on a prescription period to open the Orders in Prescription Period # modal. The modal lists any orders the client has made during that prescription period, as well as how many grams each order has deducted from the client's allowance. Click on the Order ID link to navigate to the Order's Profile.


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